Before Your Appointment

Many people are prone to ingrown hairs with shaving. Waxing may help. However, you may still struggle with this if you do not exfoliate and moisturize regularly.

If you have experienced trouble with this in the past due to shaving or waxing, you may want try a more effective exfoliating mitt and treatment cream for about 4 days before your appointment. Products are available for purchase at Luxe Wax. Also, Neosporin antibacterial ointment following each wax may help.

If you are taking all of the above measures and continue to see ingrown hairs, we offer a one-time in-office treatment which is very effective.

*Itchiness or burning sensations after waxing may be a sign of an allergic reaction and 1% hydrocortisone cream is recommended along with Benadryl or another antihistamine. 

* Avoid sexual intercourse, exercise,and swimming following a Brazilian wax for 24-48 hours if possible. Apply aloe vera gel to skin the night of waxing.  If skin needs more soothing you may also opt for Neosporin with pain reliever.

*Exfoliate your skin 3 days after your wax and moisturize everyday. You should then exfoliate 2 or 3 times a week with exfoliating pads, loofahs, or mild scrubs.

*If you notice excess stickiness from wax residue, coconut oil is recommended to be applied a few minutes before your next appointment. This can also be useful to help with removal afterward.

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Ingrown Hairs?

After Your Appointment

*Always discontinue use of products which contain retinol for 2 weeks on the area before your wax.  Stop using Accutane (with permission from your dermatologist) for a month before any waxing. 

* Healthy, exfoliated, and well moisturized skin allows the wax to adhere to hairs and be released from the skin more easily.  Moisturize the area everyday and exfoliate GENTLY two days before your appointment. 

 *Hair must be about 1/4 inch long for best results. This usually takes about 2 weeks if you normally shave.

 *If pain is a concern, you may want to take 2 pain relievers 30 minutes prior to your appointment. If you have a particularly low pain tolerance, you may apply an over the counter topical for tooth pain.

*Waxing may be done during your menstrual cycle with tampon.